We have a new carbon fibre range of thin wall tubes.
Sizes available:

18mm x 16mm, 20mm x 18mm, 22mm x 20mm, 26mm x 24mm, 30mm x 28mm and 34mm x 32mm.

Woolmer Forest Composites is a specialist supplier of pullwound and pulbraided carbon fibre and fibreglass profiles.

  • Pultruded Carbon Fibre Rods
  • Pultruded & Pullwound Carbon Fibre Tubes
  • Pultruded Glassfibre Rods
  • Pultruded & Pullwound Glassfibre Tubes
  • Pultruded Carbon Fibre Strip
  • Pultruded Carbon Fibre Square & Rectangular Tubes

Carbon fibre, glass fibre and advanced composites such as aramid (Kevlar)/carbon are bringing new levels of performance to a range of technical sports and hobbies such as model boats, model planes & helicopters, kites - plus archery and fishing.

Woolmer Forest Composites identifies the need for greater appreciation of the opportunities for advanced composites such as carbon fibre to satisfy the growing interest particularly in the sports, model making and similar leisure pursuits.

Recent additions are the highly versatile rectangular and square section carbon fibre strip, also a range of carbon fibre square and rectangular tubes: ideal for uses such as wing spar stiffening with minimal weight penalty.

Also, combinations of carbon fibre, fibreglass, aramid (Kevlar) rod and tube are available to special order, using pultruded, pulwound or pulbraided processes.

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